Source of mortgage rate data for charts and tables: Freddie Mac.  Source of other interest rate data for charts and tables: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

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Bull & Bear Market Forecast

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Stock Market Timing Signal
Dow Jones Industrial Average
Up 22%
SignalTrend's Stock Market Timing Signal was
developed through years of stock research and
back-tested over one hundred years,
(1900 through 3/10/2005). The result nearly
tripled the annual price gains of the Dow.

This Stock Market Timing Signal went live March
10, 2005. The results have been impressive.
From 3/11/2005 through 4/27/2012, the system
produced a price gain of 57% by trading the
DJIA. A buy and hold strategy on the Dow would
have gained only 22%. This was a very difficult
time for the stock market.

The core of this stock trading system is a
versatile model that  identifies major turning
points in the overall stock market. Hundreds of
analytical equations were crafted to provide
objective, unemotional Bull Market (up) and Bear
Market (down) signals.  The system issued nine
Signals over seven years. The signal is either Up
or Down. SignalTrend is designed to multiply
your profits during both Bull and Bear markets as
an alternative to Buy and Hold investing. Its
signals are relevant to broad stock market.

Take the guesswork out of your stock investing.
Time the market with a trading system that
generates every signal based on in-depth
investment research. SignalTrend performed well
over an entire century… a century that included
the Great Depression, the Cyclic 70’s, the
Crashes of ‘87 &  9/11 and even the Bear Market
of 2007-2008.
Do you know of any other stock market timing signal that has been tested
back to 1900 with market beating real time results after 3/10/2005?
Signals the Trend... in Stocks and Interest Rates                 Backtested 100 Years !
Stock Forecast
Interest Rate Forecasts
Mortgage Rate Forecast
Whether you are a prospective home buyer or
home seller, the future of mortgage interest
rates is crucial to your decision making process.
Is now a good time to buy?  Will rates be lower
later?  Will rising rates chase buyers away?

Prime Rate Forecast
Will prime rate be higher or lower one year from

Should you invest more capital in expanding the
business or work towards paying off debts?

How will changing interest rates affect your
customers buying power?

10 Year Treasury Rate Forecast
You invest in long term debt instruments. If rates
fall after you buy, you'll profit handsomely. But if
they rise, you could suffer heavy losses.

6 Month CD Rate Forecast
Should you buy the short term CD, hoping that
rates to be higher when the CD matures? Or,
should you buy a longer term CD, expecting
rates to fall?
Over 4 Decades of History
Who but SignalTrend has tested its forecast system over more than four
decades, and published the results. SignalTrend's model was
successfully tested against historical interest rates as far back as 1958.

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Market Timing Signals
… accurately timed the Stock Market and Interest Rates in backtests spanning many decades ...
Stock Market Forecast... Interest Rate Forecast... Investment Tips
UP 57%
(Without Margin)
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SignalTrend's return reflects Long and Short trades placed at the DJIA close,
the day after each signal, excluding any variables other than the Price of the
index. (Excludes taxes, dividends, commissions, margin costs etc.)
SignalTrend Signals the Trend... Don't invest without it!