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Up 2% Annually
1/1/1926 - 12/29/1950
ETF Trading System                          
SignalTrend's ETF Trading System powerfully
outperformed  "Buy and Hold" in this quarter

Investors made fortunes as the Dow roared
towards 1929. Optimism reigned. An ETF
Trading System would have seemed
unnecessary since the market could only go

Most investors probably followed their
emotions... to disaster.  SignalTrend's ETF
Trading System feels no emotion... knows no

Many did what their friends did: herd behavior
on the way up, herd behavior on the way
down. Following the crowd is deadly in the
stock market. The winner is the one who
leads... the one who sells
before the herd
sells and buys
before the herd buys.

Lead the crowd! Time the market with
SignalTrend's ETF Trading System...  
backtested over 100 years!
1929-1932 Crash
DJIA fell 89%
ETF Trading System
. . . a timing system that TRIPLED the annual price gains of the Dow in a 100 year backtest . . .  only 6 signals / decade . . .
. . . trading forecast for stock funds that mirror the DJIA, SP 500 or NASDAQ . . .  consistent Bull & Bear market profits !
Dow Signals: 1926-1950
1/1926            12/1930           12/1935            12/1940           12/1945             '50
Weekly Close/Logarithmic scale. SignalTrend's return reflects Long and Short trades
placed at the DJIA close, the day after each signal, excluding any variables other than the
Price of the index.
(Excludes taxes, dividends, commissions etc.)
Sell Short
Bull Signal is Green
Bear Signal is Red
Annual Return
1/1/1926 - 12/29/1950
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Signals the Trend... in Stocks and Interest Rates                   Backtested 100 Years !
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