● October has the best record.
● September has the worst record.
● January - September has historically lost money.
● October - December has averaged a 7.5% gain.
Dow Jones Industrial Average
(Average Midyear Returns excluding dividends)
- 2005
In view of the fact that 2006 is a midyear, it is appropriate to review historical midyear tendencies. The second
year of a presidential term is referred to as a "midyear". Therefore, every fourth year is a midyear. It is an
election year but not a presidential election year.

In the above table, the average monthly return has been compiled for the second year of each presidential term
from 1950 through 2005. October may be the month that most investors fear. But September has accumulated
the worst record with an average return of

The January - September period has typically lost 2.2%. October - December has been strong with a cumulative
gain of 7.5%. Therefore, all average gains accruing during midyears have occurred in the last three months of
the calendar year. The averages essentially tell a story of a poorly performing first nine months with September
sometimes producing severe downturns followed by a strong final quarter. An examination of daily charts would
show that September declines often extend into October.

Midyear Octobers have the best performance of any month at
3.14%. So midyear October-phobia is not
justified by history.
How can I use this information?
For those looking for a buying opportunity, a September downturn may be it. If there is no September downturn,
the above evidence suggests buying prior to October.

If you have bearish positions, a September downturn may provide the best opportunity to abandon them before
the typically strong October - December period. If there is no September downturn, the above suggests that it is
time to reconsider those bearish positions before the October - December period begins.

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