Great Depression Stock Chart
Surprisingly close correlation between the present day NASDAQ and the
stock market during the Great Depression. Updated Monthly

Best & Worst Case Scenarios
Best & worst case scenarios for the DJIA, S&P 500 and the NASDAQ 100
based on historical returns. Also includes best, worst, average & current
year to date returns for all three indexes. Updated monthly.

Stock Index Return Scoreboard
Month, year, five & ten year returns for twenty three stock indexes. (U.S. &
foreign, small cap & large cap indexes). Updated monthly.

S&P 100 Stock Screens
Which companies are buying their own shares? Which are paying the
highest dividends? Which stocks have the lowest P/E ratios? Which stocks
have the greatest momentum? Updated monthly.

DJIA Stock Screens
Fundamental data on every stock in the DJIA. Highest value, momentum,
growth and dividend stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Updated

Presidential Election Cycle
The stock market has performed better during the last half of Presidential
terms. Returns based on Presidential Election Cycle since 1899. Updated

Political Scoreboard
Does the economy perform better under Republicans or Democrats?
Performance for stocks, inflation, unemployment, and gross national product
under each political party. Updated annually.

Strength of the U.S. Dollar
The appreciation of the US Dollar verses 15 foreign currencies for the last
month, one, five and ten year periods. Updated monthly.

Home Appreciation Rates
All fifty states for the last quarter, one, five and ten year periods. Updated
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