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Up 7.7% Annually
1/5/1950 - 12/26/1975

NASDAQ Price Cycle/Timing Signal
SignalTrend's NASDAQ Price
Cycle/Timing Signal soundly
outperformed the NASDAQ in this
quarter century

By 1972, the market had enjoyed a 24
year Super Bull market.  Many investors
had never known anything except a
market that kept going up, up & up. They
probably didn't see the need for a Stock
Market Timing Signal.

It took 7 frustrating years to break and
hold above that 1972 top. That's a long
time to wait to just get your money back.

SignalTrend outperformed the
NASDAQ Composite during Bear
markets. How? It replaced Bullish
investments with Bearish ones after
each Bear Market Signal!

Don't go down with the Bear. Time the
Market with SignalTrend's NASDAQ
Price Cycle/Timing Signal!
1/1950              1/1955              1/1960              1/1965              1/1970                 1/75
Weekly Close/Logarithmic scale. SignalTrend's return reflects Long and Short trades placed at
the NASDAQ Composite close, the day after each signal, excluding any variables other than the
Price of the index.
(Excludes taxes, dividends, commissions etc.) Source of NASDAQ data:
Global Financial Data, Inc.
NASDAQ Signals: 1950-1975
Sell Short
Annual Return
1/5/1950 - 12/26/1975
Bull Signal is Green
Bear Signal is Red
Need help reading the graph?
NASDAQ Price Cycle... Timing Signal
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