Stock Pick Data
Provides helpful stock data to help investors
pick their own stocks. Data is accumulated,
sorted on Wall Streets best known
companies in easy to read screens.

Treasury Rate Forecast
Forecast for the ten year treasury plus
historical interest rate data for the informed
investor.  Graphs and tables for many
decades provide a long term historical
perspective on interest rates

Dow Jones Forecast
Mechanical Stock Market Trading System
designed for and tested on the Dow Jones
Industrial Average.

Prime Rate Prediction
Twelve month prime rate predictions to help
businesses plan for the future. Forecasts for
other key interest rate are also available.

Historical Prime Rate
A look at historical prime rate through tables
and charts with a short commentary.

Inflation Chart
Chart showing inflation along with the Dow
Jones Industrials and prime rate back to

Buy Sell Signal
SignalTrend's buy sell signal is introduced
with results of historical backtesting in the
form of graphs and tables showing returns
with and without margin.

Money Saving Tips
Suggestions by subscribers and visitors to
SignalTrend's site on how to save money
and improve the quality of life.

Market Timer
SignalTrend's Market Timer for three broad
stock market indexes in introduced.

Trading Stock & Bonds
Systems for trading stocks and bonds are
introduced to help improve investors trading

Market Timing Models
Market Timing Models for a variety of
investments are introduced with links and
instructions for more information.

How to Research Stocks
SignalTrend's How to Research Stocks page
helps investors find stocks that meet their
criteria as a first step in the research process.

Stock Statistics
SignalTrend's Stock Statistics page, places a
number of important and hard to find
statistics a the investor's finger tips.

Highest Yield Stocks
The Highest Yield Stocks of the S&P 500 are
categorized and updated regularly to provide
a convenience source of yield data.

Buyback Shares
Buyback Shares present some of the best
and most overlooked investment
opportunities for the individual investor.

Dividend Stock List
High Dividend Stock List provided on an a
timely basis to help individual investors
achieve high income goals.

Dow Jones History Chart
SignalTrend's Dow Jones History Chart
includes a one hundred year chart of the Dow
Jones Industrial Average.

Interest Rates Outlook
Interest Rates Outlook for four key interest
rates: Prime, Treasury, Mortgage and CD.

One hundred year graph of the DJIA and
historical events.

ETF Trading Strategy
SignalTrend's ETF Trading Strategy provides
market timing signals for use with broad
stock market ETFs and interest rate ETFs.

Oil Prices and the Stock Market
The stock markets 35 year record after rising
versus falling oil prices is presented.

Federal Reserve & the Stock
How successful has the Federal Reserve
been at healing the stock market's woes?
Data from 2000 - 2007 is reviewed.
Stock Market Forecast
Signal 1900-1925
Signal 1926-1950
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Signal 1976-2000
Signal 2001-2005
Historical Prices
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Historical Prices
Stock Market History
Stock Market Forecast
Signal 1950-1975
Signal 1976-2000
Signal 2001-2005
Historical Prices
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High Dividend Stocks
Shows the highest 10 dividend paying stocks
in the S&P 100. The S&P 100 contains 100 of
the largest and best known stocks.

Stock Research
Stock research designed to save you time.
You'll grasp a broad market perspective
regarding key stock ratios. Nine S&P 100
screens are regularly updated.

Stock Trading
This page is designed to help stock traders
find stocks based on value, growth, insider
information, market capitalization and more.

S&P 500 Forecast
SignalTrend's stock market timing system
test results on the S&P 500 proved to be
solid  evidence of the soundness of
SignalTrend's timing strategies.

Bank Prime Rate History
Bank prime rate history is shown through
charts and graphs with interpretation and an
introduction to SignalTrend's Interest Rate
Forecast system.

Historical Inflation
Inflation Graph from SignalTrend with
historical commentary on recent and historic
inflation and equity trends.

Index Timing
Index Timing system is introduced for use
with the Dow, S&P 500 and the NASDAQ. A
century long track record against the Dow is

Investment Research
Cutting edge investment research from
SignalTrend pertaining to a wide variety of
investments and investment tools.

Stock Market Prediction
Stock Market Prediction / Buy Sell Signals for
the DJIA, S&P 500 and NASDAQ.

Stock Timing
SignalTrend's century tested  stock timing
signal, provides the confidence to trade.

Stock and Bonds
The relevance of SignalTrend's timing
models to Stock and Bonds is presented.

Dow Dividends
The top ten yielding stocks in the Dow Jones
Industrial Average are shown, commonly
called the Dogs of the Dow.

Company Stock Research
SignalTrend's Company Stock Research
page highlights stocks based on value,
growth and insider information.

Highest Dividend Yield Stocks
The Highest Dividend Yielding Stocks in the
S&P 500 are provided to provide a convenient
source of condensed high yield stock

Buy Back Stocks
SignalTrend's Buy Back Stocks page is a
convenient source for Buy Back Stocks data
as well as many other data metrics.

Dividend Companies
Which companies are paying the highest
dividends? SignalTrend's Dividend
Companies page does the time consuming
part of the work for the investor.

S P 500 History Chart
SignalTrend's S P 500 History Chart provides
over a decade of stock market history for the
prudent investor.

NASDAQ Historical Chart
SignalTrend's NASDAQ Historical Chart
shows the NASDAQ, the DJIA, inflation and
interest rates to provide a proper perspective
for interpreting todays complex world of

Stock Market Great Depression
The correlation between the current day
NASDAQ stock market and the DJIA around
the time of the Great Depression.

The Dollar, Stocks and Inflation
The correlation between stocks, interest
rates and dollar appreciation and
depreciation are presented with this 35 year

Are Home Values Really Falling?
Home appreciation graphs are presented
from 1975 - 2006.

Real After Tax Returns
The effect of inflation on stock and bond
returns is analyzed over a 32 year period.

Buy On Dips
The performance of the Buy On Dips strategy
is reviewed for the DJIA from 1901 - 2007.

Housing Market Index and Stocks
The supposed correlation between the
Housing Market Index and the stock market
is analyzed.

Second Mortgages the Next Credit
Subprime mortgages, second mortgages
and loose lending regulations are analyzed.
Dogs of the Dow
Stock list for the Dogs of the Dow strategy,
complete with prices and other data. Buyback
(stock repurchase) data screen is also
shown for non-Dow blue chip stocks.

High Yield Stocks
A list of High Yield Stocks, complete with
other data defining objective valuation and
growth characteristics. Regular updates
make this an efficient source of information.

DJIA Forecast
Century tested broad market timing system
showing substantial excess market returns
through long term backtesting.

What is the Prime Rate
A short discussion of the importance,
relevance,  history and future of the prime
rate in the world of business.

Buyback Stock Screen
Nine screens showing net repurchase data
as well as other pivotal data regarding stock
valuation and growth characteristics.

Inflation Graph
Historical inflation graph shown along with
other investments provide a historical
investment perspective back to 1922.

Investment Newsletter
A general description of most of
SignalTrend's Investment Services.

Mutual Fund Market Timing
Introduction of timing system for the Dow,
S&P 500 and the Nasdaq or funds designed
to track those broad market indices.

Stock Signal
SignalTrend's buy sell stock timing signal
revolutionizes stock index fund trading.

Trend Trading
SignalTrend's Trend Trading system for the
broad stock market  is introduced.

Market Timing Indicator
SignalTrend's market timing indicators are
presented for investors toolbox of time tested
timing models.

Market Timing Performance
Market Timing Performance of the backtest of
SignalTrend's stock market and interest rate
market timing systems is presented.

Fundamental Stock Research
SignalTrend's Fundamental Stock Research
page provides a starting point for the investor
in his quest for profitable investments.

Pick a Stock
SignalTrend's Pick a Stock page organizes,
sorts and categorizes major publicly held
companies according to various value,
growth, income and insider characteristics.

Buyback Stock
Corporations routinely buyback stock through
stock repurchase plans. Investors have a
timely and convenient source for Buyback
Stock data with SignalTrend.

Stock History Reports
SignalTrend's Stock History Reports provides
monthly and year to date best and worst
returns for the Dow, S&P 500 and NASDAQ.

SP500 Chart
S&P 500 is charted along with inflation, the
Dow Jones Industrial Average and interest

History of Stock Market Chart
The history of the stock market presented in
chart format with other financial charts to
present a more complete financial picture.

30 Year Mortgage Rate Forecast
SignalTrend's 30 Year Mortgage Rate
Forecast helps buyers, sellers and lenders
navigate an uncertain interest rate future.

Calendar Cycle
The correlation between stock market returns
and the calendar is analyzed over the last

Declining Home Sales
The correlation between stock market returns
and Home Sales are analyzed over a 44 year

Subprime Mortgage Crisis
The Subprime Mortgage Crisis, home values
and the stock market are analyzed.

How Significant is a 3% One Day
The historical returns occurring after major
stock market declines are presented. Data
since 1897 is included.