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Dow Jones Industrial Average
(5% Per Year)
17 Sideways Years
19 Sideways Years
1900              1925              1950              1975              2000
Annual Return
(Without Margin)
Signals the Trend
Stock Market Forecast
  • Diversify using Mutual Funds and ETF's!
  • No Calculations or Monitoring!
  • Long holding periods... Fewer trades... Lower commissions!
  • Unemotional computer generated Market Timing Signals!
  • Receive Bull Market & Bear Market.Signals by email.
  • Make money in Up or Down Markets!
  • Save Taxes with More Long Term Capital Gains!
Annual Return
(With Margin)
SignalTrend's return reflects Long and Short trades placed at the DJIA close, the
day after each signal, excluding any variables other than the Price of the index.
(Excludes taxes, dividends, commissions, margin costs etc.) The returns with
margin are calculated by multiplying the weekly returns without margin x 2.
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Quadrupled the Annual Price Gains of the Dow...
in a
100 Year Backtest!
Who but SignalTrend has dared to put their
Stock Market Timing System to the Ultimate
and then publish the results!

SignalTrend was backtested against the Dow
from 1900 - 2004. Then it was backtested on the
S&P 500 and the NASDAQ from 1950 forward. It
sifts cold, hard data through hundreds of
analytical equations that Beat the Dow, Beat the
S&P 500 and Beat the NASDAQ. It has seen a
century of Boom and Bust, War and Peace,
Stability and Panic. It knows not fear or greed,
distraction or confusion.

The Forecast is a clear, long term, Bull Market
or Bear Market Signal for the DJIA, S&P 500 and

The same equations that produced the signals
in every decade of the last century produced
SignalTrend's current Stock Market Forecast.
That Forecast has something to say to you right
now! The next market-thrust may come at just
such a time as this!

In minutes, you can start receiving SignalTrend's
signals on the stock market … either Up or
Down. No ambiguity, maybes, ifs or buts.

This Stock Market Timing Signal went live on
3/10/2005. Visit the home page to see
SignalTrend's real time market beating track
record. If you've already seen that page, then
click below to get the Forecast!
Click Here for the Forecast!
Stock Market Forecast
. . . a timing system that nearly TRIPLED the annual price gains of the Dow in a 100 year backtest . . .  only 6 signals / decade . . .
. . . trading forecast for stock funds that mirror the DJIA, SP 500 or NASDAQ . . .  consistent Bull & Bear market profits !
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