SignalTrend SP 500 Trading System!            
Popular Wall Street gurus and investment newsletters may
present great returns as well. But do they show
results over a
long time period? Do they show all the results?
SignalTrend does!

SignalTrend's SP 500 Trading System was back-tested over
100 years of the DJIA. Then it was tested against the SP 500.
It has seen of a century of boom & bust, war & peace,
stability and panic. It knows not fear or greed, distraction or
confusion. It sifts cold, hard data through hundreds of
analytical equations that beat the SP 500.

Investors gather information throughout their lives to guide
them in their investment decisions. Beliefs, methods & criteria
evolve... a system of some sort. The problem is... the market
acts a certain way for long periods and then changes. Many
a 25 year investor concluded, for example, that a Depression
era crash wouldn't happen again. Then the NASDAQ fell 78%
from 2000 to 2002!

The experience of one lifetime simply is not enough! We
must benefit from the learning of our lifetime and that of our
fathers and grandfathers as well.

Invest with SignalTrend's SP 500 Trading System for the
return that is century tested. SignalTrend shows you all the
returns, not just the best returns!
SP 500 - 2%
1/5/01 - 12/30/05
SignalTrend's return reflects Long and Short trades placed at the
SP 500 close, the day after each signal, excluding any variables
other than the Price of the index.
(Excludes taxes, dividends,
commissions etc.)
SP 500 Trading System
. . . a timing system that TRIPLED the annual price gains of the Dow in a 100 year backtest . . .  only 6 signals / decade . . .
. . . trading forecast for stock funds that mirror the DJIA, SP 500 or NASDAQ . . .  consistent Bull & Bear market profits !
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Sell Short
SP 500 Signals: 2001-2005
Bull Signal is Green
Bear Signal is Red
Profit - SignalTrend
1/5/01 - 12/30/05
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