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Forecasts, Charts and Commentaries
... signals the trend
Over 65 Computer Generated Forecasts. provides objective, unemotional computer generated
forecasts for stock indexes, interest rates, currencies, and the US economy.
One, five and ten year forecasts are presented, depending on the index.
Signaltrend's stock market timing signal is found at

  • Stock Indexes, Interest Rates, Currencies & the Economy
  • Long Term Forecasts
  • Long Term Charts
  • Commentaries
  • Stock Market Timing Signal
Whats happening to home prices in your city? provides objective, unemotional computer generated
forecasts, charts and market analysis for home prices in 380 U.S. cities, all
50 states and the District of Columbia. Historical home appreciation rates are
provided from the U.S. House Price Index.

  • Home Price Forecasts
  • Home Price Charts
  • 380 Cities
  • 50 States

Dow Jones Indicators
Dow Jones Indicators provide historical behavioral correlations between various
indexes and the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA). With this data, investors
can see whether various indexes have historically moved with the Dow or
inverse to it...  and more importantly, whether movements in various indexes
have produced evidence of predictive capabilities for the DJIA.

  • Statistical Behavioral Correlations
  • Evidence for Predictive Characteristics of Various Indexes.
Stock Market Timing Signal
Signaltrend uses a computer algorithm to detect major turning points
in the U.S. stock market. Click Stock Market Forecast from any page
in to see the signal.

  • Backtested over an entire century with excellent results
  • Went live in 2005
  • Available at